10 facts about Bruno


Little Known Facts about Bruno Mallinav:

1.  Bruno Mallinav is the youngest of the two Mallinav Brothers.  His older brother (by two minutes) Allinav also is part of the MDF working as head chef.
(sometimes BRUNO is not always the most helpful in the kitchen.)

2.  BRUNO is the muscles and brawn behind the MDF.

3.  BRUNO has a thick Russian accent and hails from Murmansk, Russia.

4.  BRUNO is married...
to his muscles.

5.  Bruno's favorite vehicle is a Ford Flex, 
because BRUNO is always of the FLEXING 
of his very large, very muscular muscles.

6.  Bruno likes all the Minions he works with, however he is often irritated with Pylon, who often confuses him for a very large coffee bean.  

7.  Bruno cannot work next to, or regenerate near DayGlo, because the radiation from DayGlo makes Bruno very, very sick (and weak).

8.  Bruno has a pet salamander named Babushka.  
Babushka is currently training under Bruno to develop his own muscles.

9.  Bruno was unsure what to feed Babushka when he found him, so he fed him a tree branch.  Which Babushka liked.

10.  Bruno is so strong, he can even lift himself, with his ears,
suspended in the air by sheer muscle power.

Bruno says "No one should have let the Orange Minion get a car."