Redesigning the Boxes, round 3

The boxes the Minions have come in up to this point have been great.  

The first round of boxes were hand drawn and hand cut and were pretty plain.

Then, when we were gearing up for The Portland Mini Maker's Faire, where over 2000 people were expected to attend, my dear friend automated the boxes and made them on her computerized cutting machine.  They were amazing!
(THANK YOU JOELLE.  The Minions can never repay you!) 
These second version of the boxes were perforated, clean cut, 
and all we had to do was tape together and go.  

But they took WAY too much time for her to make, and now that they are all sold out, it was time to re-think the boxes once again.

Since the top of the box where the Minion's ears come out originally said "Insert ears here to start regeneration cycle", we noticed a lot of customers kept their boxes to "regenerate" their Minions when needed.  So we wanted to expand on that theme a bit.

I went to my team of experts (my boys), and asked for their input and together we came up with a rough sketch of what it might look like as a full blown Regeneration Pod.

Buttons, dials, and lots of readouts.

Inking in the final right side...

...and the left side.  

We all decided that the fire extinguisher was installed on all the Regeneration Pods by Blau after an incident involving an unnamed Minion, who spilled coffee inside his pod and started a fire.

Pylon is such a naughty Minion.

But redesigning the inside meant that the brick work on the outside kinda made no sense.  
It was fine for the original box, with them peeking over bricks all stealthy like, but it didn't make much sense now that they were in their Pods.  So we had to make something more like a door or safety gate to go with the theme.

The rough draft for the outside wrap is coming along nicely.
We still need to design the back of the wrap cover, then we should have the finished product ready to go!

We're all super excited about the new design, and can't wait to finish them and get them into the hands of new Minion sponsors!